Maine Coast Sea Vegetables

Vegan, Gluten-Free, Organic, Non-GMO

  • Maine Coast hand harvests organic sea vegetables directly from their beds during low tides and are naturally dried by the sun, without any processing. 
  • Maine Coast Sea Vegetables are available in Dulse Flakes (1-lb), Whole dulse (1 & 5-lb), Raw Nori (50-Sheets), Nori Flakes (1-lb), Whole Kelp (1-lb), Kelp Granules (1-lb), Kelp Powder (1-lb), Irish Moss (1-lb), Whole Sea Lettuce (1-lb), Sea Lettuce Flakes (1-lb), and Sesame Kelp Krunch Bars (1-lb loose & 2-lbs case).

For more information about Maine Coast, visit their website: