Superior Customer Service

In addition to our high-quality food products, we are dedicated to providing you with excellent customer service, personally geared towards your business' needs.


Real People, Real Conversations


We are operating on a small, independently owned level and pride ourselves on our sincere customer-distributor relationships. You can reach us directly by calling or emailing, without having to jump through any automated hoops.

Education, Insight, and Guidance

We are here to help set you up for success in your business beyond our product line. Years of unique experience in many levels of the supply chain has given us an edge on the distribution market and we are passionate about sharing our knowledge with you.

Actively Sourced Local and Regionally Produced Artisan Products

We know where our products are made and where the ingredients are grown. We believe that keeping things local is the most environmentally and economically responsible route, so we are always looking to support those in our direct community. 

Efficient Delivery Service of Dry, Refrigerated, and Frozen Product

Our in-house drivers deliver orders directly to your business, with no additional charge.

Will Call Option Available

Need product immediately? Schedule a pick up at our warehouse during our will-call operating hours (8am-5pm) via phone or email. Orders placed day-of can be accommodated.