Sift Bakery Gluten-Free and Vegan Cookies

Gluten-Free, Vegan, Soy-Free, Corn Free

  • All Sift cookies are handmade and baked in a dedicated gluten-free and vegan facility in Portland, OR.
  • All natural ingredients are thoroughly sourced to make the finest and tastiest vegan and gluten-free cookies.
  • Individually packaged in biodegradable material, ideal for both retail and food service.
  • Available in varieties Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Macadamia (June-August), Oregon Trail (June-August), Almond Poppy Seed (January-May),  Snickerdoodle (September-May), Double Chocolate Brownie (September-May), Pumpkin Pecan (September-November), and Peppermint Cocoa (December).
  • Sift Cookie Dough available in both 32-oz and 5-lb sizes. 

Where to find Sift Cookies:

Alberta Co-op
AND Cafe
Banfield Pet Hospital
Barbur World Foods
Bella Faccia Pizzeria
Cherry Sprouts Produce
Extracto Roasters
First Alternative Co-op
Floyd's Coffee Shop
Food Fight Grocery
Food Front Co-op
Kaiser Permanente
K & F Coffee
National College of Nutritional Medicine

Native Bowl
New Seasons
OHSU It's All Good Store
Oneota Community Co-op
Papa G's Deli
People's Co-op
Proper Eats Marketplace
Pumpkin Patch
Rudy's Pizza
Sheridan Fruit Company
Verde Cocina
Warehouse Cafe/Know Thy Food
Whole Foods