Tanglewood Chai

Vegan / Gluten-Free / Local

Tanglewood Ginger Spiced Chai is a unique take on a traditional chai, featuring fresh ginger and a complex spice blend. 

Tanglewood is made in small batches right here in Portland, Oregon where it has developed a loyal following consisting of coffee connoisseurs and tea drinkers alike. 

This chai is shelf-stable and tastes great either hot or cold. It can be mixed 1:1 with non-dairy milks and used in a wide variety of recipes, from baked goods to mixed drinks - anywhere you'd like to add a spicy, gingery bite. 

Tanglewood Chai is available in 32-oz and 64-oz sizes.


For more information about Tanglewood, visit their website: https://www.tanglewoodbevco.com/